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How to become a strong and confident woman?

Step one: Know who you are! Confidence comes from surety in one’s self. Knowing what your limits are, knowing what you’re capable of – it all adds up to a confident and constructive attitude! Get to know yourself, find your interests, find your skill sets and go from there. Remember, confidence is not domination – you do not need to be rude, overbearing, dismissive or stern to be confident. You only have to be sure in the things you do.

How to get to a point in life where your life goals are clear?

If your goals are cloudy to you, then you either have not reflected on them enough, or you are not close enough for them to be tangible yet. Get a notebook, and look at the goals you have. “Buy a house” is a pretty cloudy and farfetch goal on its own. What kind of house do you want? Where do you want it to be? What price range? This makes your goal not only clearer, but more achievable because you know exactly what you want, and now you know the exact way of obtaining it.

How to get to a point in life where your life goals are clear?

If your goals are cloudy to you, then you either have not reflected on them enough, or you are not close enough for them to be tangible yet. Get a notebook, and look at the goals you have. “Buy a house” is a pretty cloudy and farfetch goal on its own. What kind of house do you want? Where do you want it to be? What price range? This makes your goal not only clearer, but more achievable because you know exactly what you want, and now you know the exact way of obtaining it.

How to get rid of mental blocks?

Mental blocks can be as simple as you not buying anything blue because your elementary school bully wore blue a lot, or as serious as not seeking medical treatment because an abusive parent told you you weren’t sick despite having obvious signs and symptoms. The first step is to acknowledge that you have a block, and then find it’s source. Is the source rational? Seek real, constructive therapy to address the problem within. Is it something small? Talk it out with friends and family and when you are experiencing the block, make sure to talk it through to get past it.

How to remove shyness and be confident?

Why are you shy? Is it because you are introverted and tend not to socialize much? Nothing shy about that! You can be confident on your own terms without a crowd to witness you. Are you shy because you are nervous of circumstances revolving around people? Don’t be. It’s easier said than done, but break free from your shell and realize that your worst fears won’t come true through interactions. The more you strengthen this part of yourself, the more confident you will be. Believe in yourself!

What are signs of low self esteem in a woman?

There can be many signs, often hard to notice. Some would be her deflection of compliments or comments. She feels as if she is not worthy of them, so shoots them down when provided to her. Self deprecation is another issue – if she doesn’t think highly of herself she will put herself down, underestimate herself and deny her abilities or skills even though she is well qualified for whatever they are.

Why is it important to understand communication styles?

What a beautiful and underrated question! There are over seven BILLION people on Earth at this very moment, and there is not a chance that each and every one of us communicates in the same way. Understanding another person’s style of communication is important to break down communication barriers that can lead to simple things like misunderstandings or little mistakes – or they can lead to massive issues like racist opinions and oppression. Getting to know someone, and how they communicate, is always a good thing.

What is the difference between a life coach and a counselor?

Counselors can range in their definition. Many have licenses for mental health counseling. Some counselors focus on topics other than mental health. Life coaches however can range in a whole variety of topics. Life coaches can help you through a difficult period in time that you may be having, possibly grief or moving forward from the loss of a loved one. Maybe you would like some expertise and advice to help with marriage or buying a home.

When should I hire a personal life coach?

Life coaches are great resources from experienced people on both professional and personal topics. Life is difficult, scary, and strange and having someone who can give you some advice on how to tackle these milestones (or roadblocks) can provide an overwhelming sense of confidence and encouragement. They can also work with you on specific projects or transitions between lifestyles or life events when things get tough or disorientating. Sometimes having someone in your corner to keep you on the right track is all you need to reach your success!


Is life coaching right for me?

A life coach can help with many different topics in your day to day life as well as for long term plans. Do you feel like you just need someone with a little more experience to give you some guidance? Then a life coach might be right for you, as that is what they do! Give you some guidance, point an arrow down the road you are already traveling on to provide you a little more confidence, that is what it is all about!

How to prepare for a life coach session?

Whenever you have an appointment with someone you should have an outline prepared with specific goals you want met during your meeting time. Time is money and it is important you make the most of it! What do you want to accomplish? What concerns or questions do you have? Do you have anything to review from the last session? Do you have anything to prepare for the next session? Make sure all of your goals are measurable to encourage your success!

How to not be a jealous girlfriend?

Jealousy is a toxic emotional state that sabotages even the best of relationships. Sometimes it is as small as a sneaking suspicion to full on violent accusations of your partner. Jealousy stems from a deep seeded source of insecurity in yourself, and to beat jealousy doesn’t mean to expect change from your partner – not them going out less, not them talking to less girls, not them only being in your view at all times. Jealousy can only be fixed by you realizing you have some faith or trust in your partner. If you can’t find that, and if you can’t beat your jealousy you need to work on yourself without involving another person.

How to leave a controlling relationship?

This is a complex topic, but it starts with you establishing your independence. Controlling partners seek to remove this from their victims at all cost, and the first step to leaving is to regain bits of yourself piece by piece. Gradually build your financial independence in a bank account accessible solely by you. Seek your own housing, even if it has to be with a friend or family member until you can find other options, and never be afraid or embarrassed to involve police or professionals if things become threatening.

How to not be jealous in a relationship?

Jealousy stems from an issue within yourself that you need to identify immediately and resolve before involving someone else, for fear of developing a toxic relationship. Where is your jealousy coming from? Have you been cheated on before? Have people frequently abandoned you? Always talk these concerns over with your partner and make sure that you understand that while they should try to be the best partner possible, they are not required to stay with you if you cannot control your impulses or your jealousy starts to affect your relationship with them or other people.

Is a man being passionate about you good?

Men are often revered for their stone-cold demeanor, their quiet masculinity but this isn’t necessarily true for all men, and dare I say MOST men? They may have been told to hide their emotions, but passion shows interest, intrigue and intelligence, and the fact that they trust you enough to display their passion about you should be heartwarming. Make sure you express your gratitude and encourage the behavior – don’t shut him down because he isn’t “acting like a man”. Encourage emotions, it’s healthier for everyone in the long run.

How to bring spark to a broken relationship?

Hurt can happen in any relationship regardless of its strength between both members. There is something to say about two people who want to work together to fix something that they also broke together – do this by finding shared interests in life. Do you both like creating things with your hands? (Ie. painting, woodworking, gardening) Express that! Do things together, find activities which you can both reach a productive end goal together. Working together and building cooperation can teach you more about your partner and be helpful in later disagreements.

How to emotionally let go of someone?

Whether you have to “let go” because of a break up, or a death in the family, they can both be equally difficult, depending specifically on how close or connected you were to that person. “Letting go” doesn’t have to mean “forgetting”, and that is an extremely important thing to remember. Keep communication open and fluid with friends and family to discuss the pain you are going through, internalizing it is only productive for so long before it becomes a system of self harm. Never be afraid to seek professional help through grief therapy.

What causes insecurity?

Insecurity stems from self doubt – are you insecure about something within your appearance? That probably comes from grade/high school bullying, or family members making sure to point it out all too frequently. Are you insecure about your actions or the actions of others? Reflect on past experiences that lead you to feel doubt about yourself or others. Have you been cheated on and are now insecure about the fidelity of your relationship? Talk to your partner, clear that insecurity away with a heart to heart, open, and always honest conversation.


What to do when your spouse is depressed?

Marriage has its ups and downs and depression can cause some very low “down” periods for both, or either one of you. Depending on how your significant other handles depression, keep an open dialogue with them. Let them know you are there and support them through the difficult time they are going through, and if it seems long lasting or they seem hopeless, make sure they know professional help is always an unbiased option for them to utilize.

How to stop being a jealous boyfriend?

Jealousy in males can stem from many things, some of these things are often forced onto them – they may not even notice! You are supposed to be “defensive” of your partner. This can stem to jealousy if they have close friends especially of the competing gender. Always make sure to reflect inwardly, understand from a base level where this jealousy is coming from, and make sure to correct it in future interactions. Remember, it takes time, and it certainly won’t fix itself overnight. Give yourself credit where it is due, and work at making little changes every day!

How to clear your mind instantly?

Identifying the problem is always the first step to fixing the problem. There is no “instant” clearing of your mind, unfortunately, because if you are focused or overthinking something, there is a reason behind it. You need to identify what is causing your strife, and go from there. Was it a hard day at work? Talk it out with a coworker who can sympathize. Trouble with your relationship? Bring your concerns up to your partner, and maybe create a plan of action. Never be stagnant, make the changes you need and you will be more comfortable for it in the long run.

Why is it important to create measurable goals?

Goals are so important, they help you define your own success and your definition of yourself. Setting measurable goals sets you up for success – making sure you have goals that you can achieve is better than planning unrealistic ideas that will only destroy your self esteem when you don’t achieve them. Measuring your goals helps you feel better about your successes, maintain timely due dates, and make your work of better quality. The first step is to make your goal, so never be afraid to start with the easiest of steps!

Examples of how to tell someone how you feel about them?

Telling someone how you feel about them is scary! What if they don’t reciprocate? What if they make fun of you? Don’t be afraid, honesty is important! The first step to telling someone what you think about them is to properly communicate your impression, opinion or interpretation. Be clear, concise and try to stay positive – or at least avoid being accusatory. Second part, is break it up with the word “and” I feel this way, and this is it’s effect – I enjoy your positive attitude and it brings brightness to my day. It hurts my feelings when you make fun of me, and it makes me concerned for our future.

Advice on how to talk to an insecure guy?

Insecurity is difficult for everyone to deal with, but someone is insecure in some way. Make sure you are always open and kind, never point out flaws that they may already be hyper-aware of. Keep your conversations light, don’t force them to commit to things. Getting to know someone helps to make them feel more comfortable about themselves, and gives them the confidence to keep that line of communication open. Having that good relationship with that person allows you both to grow together.

How to find love?

The first step to finding love is to find love for yourself. If you can’t accept your flaws, your quirks, and your problems, neither can anyone else. On the other hand, if you haven’t worked on yourself enough, if you haven’t made yourself a good enough person and you still have toxic traits, not only will you not find a person who wants to commit to you, but you shouldn’t involve anyone in your trouble. Clean up any messes with yourself – learn to be a good person, snuff out selfishness, open your mind to new ideas, and wait for someone who enjoys you as much as you enjoy yourself to come along.

How to get the power back from a guy when he’s pulling away?

This is a pretty heavy question to unload. What do you mean by “power”? There is no “power” in a relationship – its “partner”. If you think you have power over someone else – you are leading them down the road of a lifetime of abusive tendencies. Maybe this is why that person is pulling away from you? They see the writing on the wall that you have a control issue that desperately needs to be addressed. Let this lesson sink in early, and deep: you have power over no one but yourself, and you never will. The sooner you come to accept this, the happier of a life you will live.

How to make a promise to yourself and keep it?

This is most likely one of the hardest things to learn how to do. Making promises to other people comes with consequences for you breaking that promise – perhaps a loss of friendship? With yourself, what do you have to lose? Set consequences for yourself if you do not do the thing you promised yourself you would do. Instigate rewards if you do them! Keeping the promise results in a take away lunch at your favorite location. Breaking the promise means you have to do extra chores around the house. Tell someone about your promise to help you hold you to it. 

How can I increase my body confidence?

There are many ways to do this, some easier than others. An easy fix would be wearing clothing appropriate to your body style. Do you think you look chunky in clothing? What about not filling them in enough? To make yourself better, wear clothing that not only makes you feel good, but looks good too! More long term and beneficial goals include working on bodily change such as weight management which comes with a whole host of other benefits. Again, therapy can also be a helpful tool if you feel you have a severe issue with the body you live in.

How does self awareness boost your confidence?

Being conscious of your own actions and ideals is important to know who you are, and the key to confidence is knowledge! How you present yourself to others is your billboard to life – how you advertise yourself as a person. If you present yourself well and knowledgeably for your situation you will have more control and have an upper hand in interactions or first impressions. Being self aware of your own thoughts or opinions is helpful as well particularly because you know where they stem from and can help encourage personal growth.

How to have faith in yourself?

The first step to having faith in yourself is to know yourself. Perhaps build your skills or manage your characteristics. Are you extremely personable? Have faith you will do well in an interview. Do you have a knack for a certain skill? Have faith that you will be able to accomplish a task for it. Provide yourself with some additional skills to boost your confidence and give you a heightened sense of self worth, and don’t bother taking classes to do it! YouTube is filled with free tutorials that can teach you everything from a foreign language to construction.

How to stop and think before you speak?

This is an exceptionally hard skill to build, it’s so much easier to blurt out what you want to say which can result in terrible consequences for all parties involved. Are you at a dinner and can take a swig of water before speaking? Perhaps train yourself to take one full breath before every reply? Whatever you choose to do, know that it can take a lengthy period of personal training and will not be an immediate change – do not let this dishearten you! Every day is new and a new chance for success!

How to know if you are self sabotaging your relationship?

First, recognize a pattern. Has this exact same situation happened with someone else who is unrelated to the current situation? If you are the only stable variable then there is a good chance you need to reflect on your actions. Do you see yourself acting out in a way that doesn’t essentially make sense in the current situation? Do you push people away? Do you blame others for issues they had no control over? These are all toxic behaviors and result in you destroying your own interpersonal relationships.

Is it true that a busy mind is a happy mind?

There is always too much of a good thing. Being idle can allow for the onset of terrible thoughts and the open door to depression since you may not have any driving factors fueling your self worth. Being too busy creates mania and ignites anxiety. Know your limits and know what you can and cannot do in a single day, what goals are reasonable and what are not and do not blame yourself for things not in your control. Keep yourself “occupied” but not “busy”.

How to take out anger without hurting anyone?

Expressing yourself is extremely important to maintaining your metal wellbeing but not all emotions are socially acceptable, as terrible as that may sound. Many people do not want to hear about your anger about a subject. You could try to find a friend that is close and understanding to vent to, or you could use a hobby to help release that pent up emotion. Something physical can help with anger – jogging and working out are great vents, gardening and even housework can be an appropriate outlet and at the end of it all you will have a better body or better home to live in.

How can you express anger healthily?

Well, people always say to “punch pillows” so there is always that option, but constructive action is always more beneficial than brooding. Lingering and stewing in your own thoughts creates a toxic mindset that actually hurts you (both physically and mentally) over time. Let it out! Talk to a friend who can help you rationalize your anger, or do something physical to release that steam. Whatever you do, do not use others as your proverbial “pillow” your emotions are your own and you should not use them to hurt others.

How to relax and trust the universe?

This relies strictly on your personal beliefs – if you think the universe has something lined up for you then you need to source that belief within yourself and commit to it. If you do not inherently believe this is true, then don’t force this on yourself. Understand why things work the way they do, look at your immediate environment a little more closely to get a better understanding about why events are playing out like they are. Once you understand the causation for certain things you may feel more trust, or at least a little more comfort in your life.

How to forgive someone who doesn’t deserve it?

Easy answer: don’t. Not everyone is worth your forgiveness. This doesn’t mean to hold a grudge or stay angry, that can hurt you over time. It means that that person’s mistakes will never be forgiven and their relationship with you is permanently damaged. Perhaps now you don’t hang out with that person anymore, you will not lend them money, invite them to events etc. Do whatever you need to do to make yourself comfortable with that person even if it means to cut them off entirely.

How to stop regretting past mistakes?

This is a hard one since we can’t change the past and we often realize factors that weren’t evident in the moment when the mistake was made. That’s a difficult pill to swallow! Oftentimes, committing the past to the past is the healthiest option. Realize that there is nothing you can do about it at this moment, and that what happened because of your mistake is done and over with and just look forward to how you can correct the issue, if one was caused, or how to prevent making the same mistake in the future.

Can you forgive someone and still be angry?

Forgiveness means understanding that that person did something wrong, and that you have now put that wrongdoing behind you. That does not mean that you have forgotten it, and that you are no longer actively angry at the person who did the “wronging”. If you are still angry at the person than you probably haven’t truly forgiven them, and that is completely ok. Forgiveness does not have to come immediately, the time it takes is unique per person, and you do not have to feel bad for the amount of time it is taking you to reach that point – or if you ever will.

How to handle being insulted?

The trick is to know – are you being insulted, or are you being criticized? Criticism is used to build someone, pointing out flaws that need worked on to make you a better person. Insulting does nothing more than attempt to hurt the person that they are aimed at. You do not need to handle being insulted. Under no circumstance are you responsible for tolerating that kind of behavior. Do not feel as if that is your job and if it IS your job – get a new one. You do not deserve that.

What are things a mother should never say to her daughter?

Judgemental statements that do nothing other than harm your child, and that goes for both sons and daughters. You might think you are being constructive and directing their lives but you are not. If you feel a reason to judge your child, criticize them unnecessarily, or insult them you are a problem in their lives and your child will do better to leave your nest as soon as possible to live a happy life. Your children are people, not property. Treat them like it.

How to know what to do in life?

This is an extremely difficult question that not everyone finds the answer to, so do not put pressure on yourself to discover it. At a bare minimum, a job is for income to fuel your hobbies. Find a job that is bearable and that fulfills some part of you and use your free time with value and happiness. Find the things you enjoy doing and really explore those opportunities. Thanks to the pandemic hobbies have returned tenfold and you can find something that suits you as a person more easily than ever.

Why do we lose confidence?

Confidence is destroyed by self doubt, and self doubt is cultivated by negative experiences. Perhaps you have a manager that points out every single flaw you have or had made in a project. That creates self doubt. On the other hand, if you have a manager that applauds your good work – that creates confidence. Finding your positivities while respecting your flaws is an important life balance, and filling your life with people who do the same is also extremely important. Overconfidence is just as dangerous as under-confidence.

How to be confident as a single woman?

Step one: lose the toxic idea that because you are single makes you something less valuable. Having a partner does not validate you. Not having a partner does not make you less worthy of your accomplishments. Step two: find the things you are good at and do those. Build your confidence while building your skills and trust in yourself for your own competence. Not only will this give you the courage to be who you are but it will prevent others from taking this confidence away from you because it is not false. You know what you are capable of and no one can remove that.

How to get rid of bottled up anger?

Talk it out. You may want to take some time between a conversation with someone and when the issue is still fresh, but always use another person – even if it is the one in the mirror – to discuss your problem. Living in an echo chamber inside your head isn’t healthy, but bringing your ideas and issues to the real world, even if it is to your reflection, can often help bring you a little more resolution and peace. It can even help with planning steps forward.

How to stop being desperate for a relationship?

Learn to love yourself. Often we look to pair together with another person because they are capable of giving us love and respect that we otherwise can’t give to ourselves. If you are able to give these extremely important resources to yourself, then a relationship can only enhance the good vibes you already have. This will make any relationship healthier and less likely to become co-dependent over time. This also gives that person a breath of fresh air as they know they won’t have to “tow the line” in a relationship with you. 

How to let go of someone who hurt you?

Pain is something that you have to acknowledge the source of before the healing process can begin. Why are you in pain? Realize that that person’s actions were against you, not for you. You do not deserve any kind of abuse, and you are not the cause of mistreatment. You are a human being who deserves respect and kindness, and who is capable of giving that back to the world. Realize what is best for you, know which people are not, and let them drift in their own direction without drama or remorse.

How to fix a broken relationship with your girlfriend?

The first step to fixing something that is broken is to realize what’s wrong in the first place. Acknowledge how the “break” occurred, and if you were at fault – apologize. So many adults do not know how to apologize and that is a problem. An apology is a three step process, it begins with acknowledging your poor or deceitful actions, taking responsibility by recognizing the other person’s pain or reacting to you, and then how you plan to correct the behavior for the future. Stick to your apology, and make the needed changes.

How to stop arguing in a relationship?

The first step to stop constant arguments and bickering between partners is to have an open and honest line of communication. Instead of defaulting to a screaming match, talk like the adults that you are – or want to be. What is bothering you – express why this subject bothers either of you, and work together to come to an understanding or a compromise. Relationships take effort and many compromises to make them work – if you aren’t willing to compromise for someone you love, then look to self improvement before involving someone else.

What is overthinking a symptom of?

Overthinking can be a symptom of many things – but don’t worry, they’re nothing you can’t fix! Are you stressed? Scared? Paranoid about something? Reflect inward and identify the source of your obsessive thought – there is a good chance you already know what it is! Next – talk it out with someone else, whether that someone is a professional or a trusted friend, never keep inside your own head – that is only good for creating an echo chamber of venomous, toxic thoughts that don’t result in any kind of productivity or positivity.

How to effectively communicate with a man?

Men are no different than anyone else, and thinking that they are is a form of bias that everyone needs to put down. Men are people too! Be direct – a coy personality doesn’t help anyone when communication is important. Is something bothering you? Express it directly, but with kindness. Are you just trying to instigate more conversation? Make sure to include him and his topics in the discussion – involving someone else’s interests always encourages them to open up.

Why is it important to give back to the community?

Community services come with a huge bias – why would anyone want to do that? It’s simple! You live there! Wouldn’t you want a better place to live? Are you tired of seeing an ugly park, lots of weeds, a decrepit building? Work together to make a change and make the place you live
even better for both yourself and future generations. Doing community service not only benefits you directly, but it can help you ove the long term. Better nurtured communities attract more businesses and revenue streams, creating more jobs and opportunities over time. Make the change!

Is lack of passion in a relationship bad?

Passion is what makes a relationship exciting, intriguing and interesting. Passion is essential to uphold the pillars of a marriage or relationship and is needed to make the connection between you and your partner great. If you think it truly is gone, work on it with your partner. Work together to find shared interests and participate in events together. If you think it is farther gone than a little effort between both of you can manage, never be afraid to seek professional help.

How to stop being an over thinker?

The source of your overthinking needs to be identified. Once you know exactly what is causing you to obsess, make sure to make the changes needed to calm your mind. Is it a project you were working on that you are not happy with the results of? Change them until you are happy. Concerned about a conversation with a friend? Reach out to them and make sure that your message is conveyed accurately and clear up any potential misunderstandings. The first step to solving your overthinking is to go straight for the source!

How to bring excitement into a relationship?

Excitement is important and good to prioritize! It stems from new experiences and forming new memories together. While trying to bring excitement into your relationship, look to do new things together – go on an adventure! Take a hike at your local park, do some community work – what ever you do, just avoid passive activities. That means no Netflix, no movie date, no restaurant, actually go out and DO SOMETHING together. Create memories by doing, not having things done to you, and before you know it, you will be having wonderfully exciting adventures with your loved one and create memories with them that will last a lifetime!

How to handle an insecure and jealous husband?

Always know your own boundaries first. Are you comfortable with his level of behavior to date? Do you still feel safe and independent? If not, get out immediately and seek shelter somewhere where you can begin to heal. If you think that his behavior is minor – have an open conversation and discover his sources for these kinds of behavior and develop a plan for correction – and most importantly – stick to it! No change can come from not trying. Work together and be firm about requiring a change. Do not give in to any form of abuse and do not allow things to escalate. This goes for husbands too!

Can a marriage survive without physical attraction?

Marriage is a word with so many definitions by so many different groups of people, it’s hard to understand what it is supposed to be. Marriage is the joint between two people, legally, and the combination of all their assets. It is a a legal display of love and connection between two people, and the combining of families. If marriage for you is purely physical, and the relationship you have with your partner is for sex and children – then no, most likely, your relationship is not going to last without physical attraction. Learn skills together, build yourself as people together, and physical attraction won’t be such an important aspect anymore.

What motivates people to struggle for change?

The desire to struggle for change is simple – the want for improvement. They want a better income, they want a better body, they want more personal health, something needs to change for them, and they are willing to achieve that change at all costs. Maybe they want a better world for their children, maybe they want laws changed, the only ways to accomplish these massive, life changing developments is through difficulty and struggle. That’s part of what makes the change worth it.

How to tell your boyfriend you need more attention?

If anything is lacking in a relationship, be it attention, sexuality, physical connection or even alone time, the only way to fix this is through honest and open conversation. If you feel something needs to change to better your relationship with your partner, talk to them about it. If you feel that you can’t talk to your partner about your needs, then that is not a relationship that you should be continuing, and vise versa. Allow your partner to come to you with their needs as well!

How to fix a relationship after trust is broken?

Relationships can be damaged by many things, but losing trust in your partner is one of the most venomous and toxic things that can happen. Did your partner cheat on you? Do not tolerate it. You do not have to “regain trust” for someone who obviously doesn’t deserve it. If you are more committed, and feel that this person is deserving of your time, or if their offense isn’t that severe, then again, open and honest communication is important. Give them the chance to rebuild your trust and surprise you.

Is taking time apart from your relationship to strengthen it a good idea?

Every relationship has its ups and downs, and those peaks and valleys are more exaggerated depending on the type of people you are. Personal space and taking time to yourself is essential to grow as a person and bring that growth back to your partner – but if you feel you need to leave your partner altogether, it may not be the best relationship for you. Consider couples therapy to determine the heart of your issues and if it doesn’t seem like change will occur, do not burn bridges as you leave. The time you may need might be years instead of a shorter timespan.

Can a man without empathy have a healthy relationship?

Short answer, no. No one who doesn’t experience empathy for others can have healthy lasting relationships. Partnerships require seeing the shoe on the other foot (so to speak) and if your person isn’t able to collaborate in that way, not only will they make a poor partner in a relationship, but they make a poor person in the world. Especially in this current age, 2020 requires each and every person to spout as much empathy for each other as physically possible. If you or a loved one aren’t capable of this – seek immediate help. Therapy can assist in reconstructing how you see the world, and add others to a closed off bubble that desperately needs to be popped.

Why does my mood change so quickly all the time?

First, please understand that mood swings are real and are not to be played off by “its that time of the month” or any other saying that invalidates your feelings. You are important and so is the way you feel! Address your symptoms with a doctor – get bloodwork done to check hormone levels, or anything else they suggest could be the issue. If a doctor tries to fluff you off with nonsense excuses – choose a new doctor. These are real and honest symptoms of a problem that should be looked at carefully.

How does leadership styles affect actions and behaviors?

Leadership is a very important thing in a variety of spaces such as the office, on a sports field or in a family setting. Do you lead with an oppressive fist where no one under you has the right to discuss their opinions, ideas, or suggestions? Then you are bound to lead your group into the ground by failing to adapt and utilizing the humanity in your group. Good leaders listen to everyone – they assist in the work, not lord it over others, and they make sure each and every person feels appreciated and heard.

How to explain anxiety to my husband?

Explaining anxiety to anyone who doesn’t understand it is frustrating, and if this happens to be your partner too, it can be devastating. Having open, honest, clear and concise conversations with your partner can lead to successful understanding. Let them ask questions, make them aware of symptoms, provide them resources for their own research or to hear the information from medical professionals directly. Always be informative, and then related that information back to your individual experience so they can see how it affects you personally.

How to be confident in public speaking?

Public speaking isn’t something to take lightly! You are trained to encounter it at a young age, talking in front of others at school, and then in college where you have to do more intellectual presentations. Work will also require public speaking where you are required to speak your mind, propose ideas or plans, and lay out a scheme to work together. How do you become more confident? Know your subject! Be thoroughly informed on your topic and make sure you do all your homework – nothing can blindside you to add that extra bit of fear if you know what you are talking about!

How to build self esteem after an abusive relationship?

When someone breaks you down as a person it is vital that you build yourself up in the safest way possible to restore love and confidence in yourself. Never be afraid to seek professional help such as therapy to unwind all of the toxic knots they spun in you over the years. Talk with friends and family, and listen to the things they have to say about you. Most of the time people’s compliments come from places of truth. Do not disregard them.

Can stress make you ugly?

Well, there is no such thing as “ugly” except to ugly hearted people, but stress isn’t something to take lightly. Stress causes rampant damage on your body over the course of time, and can cause things as minor as acne all the way up to organ failure. You can’t avoid stress in life, but it is absolutely key that you learn how to manage it for the sake of your health and wellbeing. Take stress management classes or seek professional help if you feel like things are out of control. Don’t be ashamed, absolutely every person you know is currently experiencing stress, especially in the state that 2020 is currently in, but the only thing you can control is your reaction to it.

What to do when you have had enough?

Assuming this question stems from the end of your patience or tolerance for something, the most important thing to do is speak up and stand up for yourself. Is someone’s behavior pushing you to the edge? Address it. Are day to day issues taking a toll on your mental health? Seek stress management classes or talk to a professional for guidance. Do not let people abuse you, no matter how minor the offense. There is a difference between being kind and being taken advantage of. Know your line, and do not let anyone cross it.

What are things that can affect self esteem?

Speech, both inward and outward, can heavily affect the way you view yourself. Do people put you down, or perhaps a partner? Or do you put yourself down in your inner monologue? This berates you and chips away at the way you view yourself overall. “Think positive” is an extremely powerful tool to boost yourself to the next level. Of course performance in tasks can affect self esteem too – build your confidence in these with dedication and practice to make sure you are doing your best!

Does losing weight make you more confident?

If being overweight was something that you let weigh on your mind as well as your body, then giving yourself that transformation may assist in removing that negative aspect – plus getting yourself to a goal BMI is extremely beneficial for your body and lifespan. If this is something that hasn’t hampered your thought in yourself, then there is no reason to assume that it would change the way you view yourself. Maintaining a healthy weight is beneficial for everyone, but it is important not to place your self worth on the number on the scale.

How to remain calm in a crisis?

First, don’t ever feel like you have to remain calm in a truly stressful or terrifying situation. Fear, anxiety and stress evolved for a reason – to cause you to act in a way to save your life when something threatening is happening. These emotions only become counterproductive when they are misplaced. If you are in a severe situation that requires attention or timely response just try to focus on the most immediate threats and the clearest goal ahead of you. Do not ever be afraid to call for help, and never feel like you have to tackle the issue alone.

How to take care of myself as a woman?

The first thing you need to know, as a woman, is that you have to be even more prepared for any situation than a man would have to be for that same situation. If you are going out for a night, make sure you have self protection items like pepper spray. If you are going in for a job interview make sure to have your qualifications clearly listed and ensure that list is lengthy. Always make your positive points apparent to those around you – but lastly remember that you, regardless or sex or gender, need to put your happiness first. Enjoy your time, do things that make you happy and cut out things that bring you grief.

Why is keeping promises important?

One of the most important (if not the most important) resources you have at your disposal, no matter who you are, is your social standpoint. No, not if you are some socialite or an outcast – it is how people see you. Making promises and breaking them not only destroys your friendships and relationships faster than almost any other mistake you could make but people will talk about your failure. Your reputation will suffer, and soon everyone will be aware that you are an unreliable and untrustworthy individual. This could result in lost friendships, lost lovers and even lost jobs. Keep your promises, and if you can’t do that, don’t make promises in the first place.

Is lying to please others a bad thing?

There are two types of lies, “white” lies, meaning non-truths that don’t essentially affect anything around them other than perhaps save a person’s face or emotions. The second is a serious lie, one that has real life implications, is a genuine falsehood and can damage others in some way. White lies are an understood necessary evil in life. Don’t like your mother in law’s new haircut? Say you do anyway. It saves your relationship with her and her feelings in the long run. Is someone asking you if you wrote a book that you did not? That’s a serious lie, plagiarism, and illegal. Know the difference between the two as there is a clear line in the sand.

How to start appreciating yourself?

First – recognize the things you do! Are you a good friend? Are you a loving partner? Are you a supported child? Do you have a skill that you are proud of? All of this is important. Know that you have the chance to be a good person every single day of your life, and take those chances when you can. When you start seeing the things that you are able to accomplish you will appreciate yourself as a person, and so will other people around you. Putting more good in the world than you take out should be a life goal for everyone, and it helps you enjoy the life you are in even more.

How can you learn to make things work in your favor?

While manipulation and scheming aren’t positive traits and can be particularly toxic there are certain instances where you have control to give yourself a bit of an advantage. If you are buying a car, for example, having a good credit score and a notable down payment are great ways to influence your lender to allow you to purchase the vehicle. Manipulation of people and their actions is never recommended and if you feel this is something you need to do, please look inward as to why you feel this way.

How many times should you forgive someone?

This depends strictly on the offense that was caused. Was it a minor offense to you, or was this something serious and heartbreaking? If your partner continues to forget to do the dishes I would consider forgiving them after having a talk with them. Has your partner cheated on you? There is no room for forgiveness for someone who can’t stay faithful to a partner unless expressly agreed upon for your relationship. Learn where your limit is and then you will always know when to tell people enough is enough. Always be keenly aware for signs of abuse as well.

How to deal with someone who hurt you?

The easiest explanation to this would be to let that person go. Depending on the damage caused it may not be reasonable to keep toxic or dangerous people in your life. Unfortunately, for many people, that just isn’t a possibility. Perhaps the person who hurt you is your spouse or parent? You may want to have a conversation with them about the damage caused, and if that doesn’t seem to help, you can always seek professional guidance through therapy with that other person.

What does it take to forgive someone?

People say that only those with a lot of personal strength can forgive someone but that is not always the case. You shouldn’t forgive someone because you think it’s the “right” thing to do, or because people will look up to you for being the bigger/better person. You should forgive someone purely because you want to, that their relationship with you is extremely valuable to you, or for some other important reason. If this person has shown no reason for being deserving of that forgiveness then don’t provide it, simple as that.

How to overcome feelings of worthlessness?

Why do you feel worthless? People are born with an inherent sense of self worth that is stripped away from them for some reason or another. Were your parents degrading of you as a child and picked on you for your interest? Has your partner devalued you and mocked you? Realize that people do this to build themselves up and that it doesn’t mean their statements are true. Thrones built on a mountain of lies are doomed to collapse. Keep your chin held high, source your own worth straight from your heart, and never let anyone take it from you.

How to change your own toxic behavior?

The first start to fixing something is to recognize it’s broken, so you are already on the right track if you are admitting that you have toxic behaviors that need changing to help your relationships. Step one – count it done. Step two – ask others! If you have toxic behavior there is a very large chance that other people have noticed it. Ask how your behavior has affected them personally, and see how you changing that behavior can affect them. Reflect inwardly, and as usual, never be afraid to seek professional help if you feel you just aren’t reaching the goals you’d like to.

What questions to ask yourself to know what you want?

This is a good topic to get to know yourself better. The first is “What do I want?” Do not think of anything specifically like a big house on the beach with a yacht and a pina colada in hand. Think more along the lines of “a successful career”, “A large family”, “A home that I own”. Once you know the general direction that you want to go in, you can ask more narrow questions such as “does my partner want the same thing?” “Am I in the job that will get me where I want to go?” “What education do I need to reach my goals?” Fine tune your questions as you go.

How to take back your power from a narcissist?

Leave. Narcissistic people are those who draw power from other people by putting them down to build themselves up. They love to be the center of attention and their ideals and opinions are always correct. The only way to destroy the hold they have over you is to get away from them. There is often no reasoning with this kind of person, so don’t bother trying. If they are unwilling to realize that they have an issue and get help, then they show that they do not care enough about your relationship.

How to be passionate about your work?

Well, the hard bit of information to swallow is if you do not like your work you will not be passionate about it. Passion comes with love for your craft, regardless of what it may be. You cannot be passionate about something that you dread every morning when you wake up (or worse yet the night before). You cannot be passionate about something you resent. You CAN be passionate about something you have not yet mastered or something you are still working at – practice makes perfect makes passion!

What to do if you have failed at life?

Good news! If you are still alive then you have not failed at life, so throw that entire idea away. You have not failed, you are still alive and breathing and every single problem can be fixed with time and effort. Have you destroyed relationships? Repair them, or understand why they are gone and make new ones with the experience learned. Lost your job? There will be others – do things to make you a better employment prospect. Your partner left you? There are plenty of fish in the sea, as they say, but in reality you will heal, move on and find love elsewhere. Work on you.

How to tell when it is time to leave your job?

Employment is not supposed to be soul-crushing. You are not supposed to dread your next day of work before it has even started. You are not supposed to be afraid to talk to others or management, and you most certainly are not supposed to be living at or below the poverty line if you have a full time job. If any of these things apply to you certainly consider a change of employment. Obtain a new certification or two and head out into the world for better prospects!

How to make other female friends as a woman?

Well, the easiest choice for this is to start reaching out to communities in which other women may be. Making friends regardless of their gender is very difficult as an adult. Hobbies may often have classes to attend where you can meet new friends. Stay active on social media to find events near you, and join groups on Facebook that accommodate your hobbies where you can also find people with similar interests. Similar interests create lasting friendships. 

How to not bottle up your emotions?

Learn an effective and healthy method of communication. Find a conversation partner who is neutral to your stance and talk to them about the situation – always try to talk calmly. Give yourself time between the issue and your conversation, sleep on your problems and you may have a more precise idea of the actual issue at hand. Once you are ready to talk about the problem, talk about it in short steps and allow the other person to have a response in between. This gives you a healthy conversation while hitting all the important points.

How to focus on yourself while dating?

Here is the real question – do you feel you need to focus on yourself because you are not in the best place? Then you should not be dating. If you feel this needs to be your stance, do not bring another person into a problem-ridden environment. Reach out to others romantically when you are willing to focus on both of you. Demanding focus on only yourself while in a relationship is selfish and careless and can leave that other person feeling abandoned or neglected. It is ok to choose YOU first, just don’t allow yourself to put someone else on the back burner and waste their time.

How to stop being the friend nobody likes?

Then you are not their friend. Do not associate with those people. If you feel that there is an individual treating you this way but the relationship is worth saving put them on the stand – ask them what their issue is and why they are giving you this impression. Making them have a statement will at least give you a clear view of their level of respect for you. If they have none (or less than an amount you are willing to accept) leave. There are over seven billion people on this planet. Don’t tolerate people who don’t respect you.

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