Knowledge Is Power And Traveling Empowers You
Patricia Love

Have you wanted to explore the world, but some fear or the other seems to hold you back? Do you need to justify to yourself why you need another vacation? Read on below to know how traveling can help you grow – both in your personal life and in your career! Knowledge Is Power, And Traveling Empowers You.

Knowledge Is Power, And Traveling Empowers You

Many people love to travel all over the world. The most challenging thing for these adventurous souls is to keep in one place for a while. They are always itching to get on the next train, catch the next flight, or hop on the next bus to explore new places. They talk about their travels, almost like they are a profoundly religious experience.

On the contrary, many others hate traveling with a passion. They live like hermits all their lives. They think twice about going on a road trip to the next town, let alone jumping on a plane and traveling to another country. 

Up until a few years ago, I too was one of these people. But that was before I genuinely experienced the good things that can come from traveling. In this blog post today, I will share some of these things with you.

Knowledge Is The Tool You Need To Succeed In Life

As you would expect, people who travel the world more expose themselves to hundreds of new and exciting opportunities. People who live within the four walls of their home are likely to miss out on many of these. But most of all, they miss out on learning about new things.

You might have heard the famous phrase, “knowledge is power.” Most often, we are told this with respect to academic knowledge. And while going to school is undoubtedly important, it is the education we get out of school that has the most part in bringing success into our lives. Traveling – especially on your own – is arguably one of the best ways to acquire these street smarts. 

How Can Travel Empower You And Make You Smarter?

So, how exactly does traveling enable you to tackle the problems of life? Let’s discuss a few of the many things that travel can do for you – whether in the workplace or in your personal life.

Travel Teaches You How To Make The Right Decision At The Right Time

I have always been someone who would sit at the restaurant table for hours; the menu spread wide open in front of me, trying to decide what to have for lunch. I hated going shopping because picking between two similar pairs of pants would make me so frustrated that I would either get both or none. I would try my best to avoid all the situations where I would be forced to make a quick decision. And that is the biggest thing that stood in my way when I wanted to see more of the world around me.

However, I braced myself and decided (pun not intended) that I really needed – and deserved – a vacation by now! Even if it meant taking numerous quick decisions every day. And that was precisely what happened. I had to instantly decide between so many things throughout this vacation that it made me quite comfortable with the entire process.

My travels did not only eliminate my irrational fear of making decisions, but they also taught me how to make the right ones. They taught me what factors to consider when deciding between something and how to ensure that I always had a fallback option. As a result, I am usually confident and satisfied with the choices I pick today, without overthinking things.

Travel Exposes You To New Experiences And Opportunities

Perhaps the most significant way travel can make you grow by exposing you to the multitude of new experiences and opportunities you might never have dreamed of! By showing you how people live and behave around the world, traveling gives you a chance to reinvent yourself.

On your many trips, you will meet countless new people who do not know anything about you, and hence, hold no prejudices against you. Here, you get a blank canvas to work with and become whoever you want to be. It is entirely up to you how you choose to present yourself to these new friends.

Because traveling also shows you new ways of life, it opens several doors to you. It allows you to learn about and experience many different professions, and might even end up changing your career! It introduces you to meet new people and gives you a chance to start fresh.

Travel Teaches You The True Value Of Time

Nobody values time more than a tourist who has missed a train or a flight before. Traveling makes you more disciplined by teaching you how to manage your time.

If you are always late to events despite knowing when it is to start, I encourage you to take up traveling. This is an experience that will have you counting minutes of the day so that you do not end up left behind in your itinerary.

Because you will always have an adventurous boat ride or an exciting museum tour to look forward to, you will find yourself making an extra effort to meet deadlines on your travels. Doing this time and time again will eventually improve your time management skills by a great deal, and being on time will become a habit.

Traveling Makes You Better At Communicating With Others

On your travels around the world, you are likely to find yourself in places where you do not know the local language. How are you to get by in this situation?

While being in India or China is easy when traveling with a group and having a translator, solo traveling can offer some serious challenges. However, these challenges come wrapped in opportunities for you to learn and grow.

When you are in an unknown place on your own, you must learn to communicate with the locals despite the language barrier. This gives you a chance to connect with people on a level that is deeper than mere words. For those of you who find trouble communicating with people, this is the most exceptional opportunity to practice your social skills.

Travel Makes You A Much More Interesting Individual

I have yet to meet a globetrotter who did not have a hundred different stories to tell for every occasion. Traveling to new places allows you to experience so many exciting things that you cannot wait to talk about with your friends and family. In this way, traveling makes you much more attractive to the people around you.

If you find yourself attracting several new friends after you return from your trip to India, now you know why!

Travel Helps You To Handle Change Better

Change is an inevitable part of life. It is the only constant of today, and it cannot be escaped. However, many people still have an aversion to even the slightest changes and are uncomfortable when it inevitably happens.

But when you are an avid tourist, you are better prepared to handle these regular changes of life. Because you have been exposed to so many significant changes in your journeys, these slight changes stop bothering you as much. You are more accepting of these things and quickly adapt to them to stay on top.

Traveling Lets You Work On Your Organization Skills

A frequent traveler is anything but messy. Not only does travel make you more disciplined with your time, but it also enforces this same discipline all around. When you are led to pack for an entire month-long vacation in one suitcase, you learn to become more organized. You stop hoarding unnecessary things and only hold on to the useful ones. You learn to recognize what’s essential and what isn’t. And these improved organization skills often slip outside of your suitcase and into your personal life.

Travel Makes You Believe In Yourself

Last but definitely not least, travel makes you a confident person. This is especially true of solo travel – when you have nobody to rely on but yourself. It forces you into situations where you need to be independent and solve your own problems finally. And once you gain that confidence, you can achieve almost anything! 

The Destination

If you have been wondering how to spend that end of year bonus, going on a trip around the world might be a good investment. It is not only super fun, but it also contributes to making you a smarter, more empowered, and exciting individual. 

It is a beautiful gift to yourself, which keeps paying off well after the journey has ended. There is nothing that could make you more knowledgeable than getting out there and experiencing all the things you had only read about in magazines before! Tips for traveling alone blog


As an active Realtor®, and in sales for 45 years in Washington State, Patricia coaches women in sales to “Refuel” by turning their “I Can’t” into “I Can.” She interrupts the negative behaviors that have sabotaged them and helps them create a new path towards positive results. Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.”

Patricia’s own story of trauma, death, and a slew of bad decisions as a young adult, forced her to flip her own inner script, or face alternative consequences. By interrupting and healing the negative behaviors that sabotaged her, she was able to find the courage, and new found energy to move forward in all areas of her life. She did this with the action of five words.

These inspiring words created her Exclusive Diamond Method”, as Patricia believes we are all a diamond in the rough, just waiting to shine! So, begin the healing, and shine bright like a diamond.

Contact Patricia to start the new life so you too, will shine!

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