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Jill Kane is a Business Strategist for health and wellness coaches, consultants, and practitioners who want to create consistent, scalable income and set their businesses up for long-term sustainable success. She enables her clients to build thriving online wellness businesses so they can do work they love and while enjoying the rewards of personal fulfillment, financial abundance, and creating a legacy they can be proud of. She offers a completely customized approach, and a results-focused plan of action to move your business forward in a way that aligns with your desired lifestyle. Her goal is to help you package your unique combination of expertise, experience, and passion in a highly profitable asset that delivers exceptional results, leverages your time, and simplifies your business. If you’re ready to allow your ambitions the attention they deserve and commit to making your vision a reality then let’s make it happen!

Jill has over 20 years’ business experience in corporate human resources and workplace wellness. She is also a Certified Master Workplace Wellness Ambassador, Certified Health Coach, Licensed Stressmaster Facilitator, and Executive Wellness Leadership Program Coach.


“I feel more focused and I can visualize where I am going thanks to Jill. I would highly recommend her – she knows what she is talking about! And she puts it in clear terms so it is easy to understand. Thanks Jill for the personalized advice for me and my business!”

Maggie G.

“Hi all, be sure to take Jill Kane up on this offer. She knows her stuff and is one of the nicest coaches I know who can help you rock it this fall iwth your offerings. She helped me immensely over the years in providing ideas and support to my programs.”

Lisa K.

“Hi! The conference was SUCH A GOOD IDEA. Thanks so much for suggesting it. Turns out I’m a master networker. 😉 Who knew? I got 5 potential consultant clients! Now I have my work cut out for me in terms of following up! Have a great weekend; talk soon.”

Cheryl B.

“Lisa you are very correct, I decided not to be too selfish. I allowed this opportunity for the new memebers to benefit from Jill Kane’s free clarity call offer. Jill helped me to successfully start my business and am pregressing because of her kind offer. She is indeed an expert.”

Juliana A.

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