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Kira Whitham holds a Master’s in Health and Nutrition Education from Hawthorn University, as well as more than 90 hours of training in functional medicine. She combines the principles of holistic nutrition and functional medicine to help people bring their bodies back to their intended state of wellness. She is a firm believer in the healing power of food and works hard to help her clients improve their relationship with food while gaining an understanding of what nourishes and depletes the body.


“With Kira’s knowledge and expertise, she has helped me with 3 items. The 1st being lowering my LDL cholesterol. In fact I was able to lower the amount of statin I’m taking. I’ve had sleep problems for many years and with her suggestions I am now sleeping at least 7 hours. A real plus! Just recently I started suffering from sinus headaches. Kira suggested a natural cure and within 2 days my sinuses were starting to subside. She knows what questions to ask to truly get to the root of the problem and I’m just so thankful for her.”

Cynthia F.

“I don’t konw that I have ever met anyone as knowledgeable about health and wellness as Kira with A Nourished Life. Her level of expertise coupled with her down to earth training was VERY helpful for me. She is patient and thorough in anything she discusses. She is just increadible. Thanks, Kira! Living a much healthier life thanks to you. And I have never felt better.”

Kelly K.

“I simply can not say enough good things about Kira! She is an abslute wealth of knowledge. She is professional, patient and very kind. She has been an invaluable resource in helping to bring health to our family. We are very thankful for her and give her our highest recommendation!!”

Alisha D.

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