How to Be More Positive at Work: 8 Ways to Change Your Mindset
Patricia Love

How to Be More Positive at Work: 8 Ways to Change Your Mindset, read on

Every workplace has someone who never seems to be in a bad mood. You know them – that positive person who’s been through difficult situations but remains positive.

They always make your day better by bringing snacks and cracking jokes to break the tension after a stressful meeting.

I’ve known these people and befriended them. I admire them. I also want to be like them. But how do we keep a positive attitude during a difficult time?

Keeping positive moods means you know you’re not immune to workplace stress. However, research shows that people with more positive emotions tend to cope better with stressful events than people who tend to be more negative.

So, what’s their secret?

The answer is confidence. Confidence help, and changes our mindset when we become negative.

Over the years, I have tried to learn from people and find ways to improve my self-confidence. So here are eight tips that will help you change your mindset and become more confident.

1) Approach Life with Positive Enthusiasm

Life is a journey. We all have our ups and downs, but we can approach life with either a positive outlook or negative pessimism.

For example, set a healthy morning routine. Instead of scrolling through social media until time to shower, start your day by waking up early, eating breakfast, meditating for 10 minutes, stretching, and drinking water.

2) Focus on Your Strengths

Consider your strengths instead of obsessing over your weaknesses. When you focus on your strengths, you will see opportunities to grow.

For example, write about what you love if you’re good at writing. If you’re good at public speaking, speak to groups about topics that interest you.

3) Celebrate Small Wins

No, you don’t have to wait for a promotion to celebrate. Things like receiving good feedback or having a great conversation with a senior exec can be considered small wins.

Celebrating the little things gives you the motivation to continue working hard and achieving bigger goals.

4) Make an Effort to Improve Yourself

It’s not enough just to have a goal and then do nothing about it. Take time to reflect on what’s going well in your career and what’s not. Now you know which areas to improve.

5) Speak Up During Meetings

Ladies, use your voice! People will never recognize your value if you’re afraid to speak up during meetings, ask questions, or share ideas.

6) Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Why do we love comparing ourselves to others? It will only lead to disappointment. Instead, focus on your progress and achievements.

7) Learn From Mistakes

Mistakes happen. The key is learning from them. Take note of what went wrong and why so you won’t repeat the same mistakes.

8) Embrace Rejection

Confident women who put in the work are not afraid of rejection. They understand that sometimes things won’t go their way. However, they don’t let negative thinking stop them from pursuing their dreams.

Let’s Start Today!

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As an active Realtor®, and in sales for 45 years in Washington State, Patricia coaches women in sales to “Refuel” by turning their “I Can’t” into “I Can.” She interrupts the negative behaviors that have sabotaged them and helps them create a new path towards positive results. Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.”

Patricia’s own story of trauma, death, and a slew of bad decisions as a young adult, forced her to flip her own inner script, or face alternative consequences. By interrupting and healing the negative behaviors that sabotaged her, she was able to find the courage, and new found energy to move forward in all areas of her life. She did this with the action of five words.

These inspiring words created her Exclusive Diamond Method”, as Patricia believes we are all a diamond in the rough, just waiting to shine! So, begin the healing, and shine bright like a diamond.

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