How to Focus on Yourself Without Feeling Selfish
Patricia Love

Have you ever tried to do something good for yourself, but didn’t because you felt guilty? Here are a few tips to focus on yourself without being selfish. Read, How to Focus on Yourself Without Feeling Selfish

How to Focus on Yourself Without Feeling Selfish

Being adults, we tend to put our fancies aside and try to do things for other people. We place other people’s needs before ours and ignore the fact that our well-being is also essential. We do this mainly because we feel guilty for pampering ourselves. 

The oldest Sibling

For example, if you’re the eldest child, subconsciously, the responsibility of taking care of your parents and siblings falls on your shoulders. You work your fingers to the bone to make sure that they are well-provided for, and all their basic necessities are taken care of. 

In this whole situation, the only person who’s being neglected is you. You feel it would be unfair to your family if you do something for yourself for a change.

What we fail to comprehend is that self-care doesn’t have to be selfish. Your comfort and contentment should be your priority. You can very much focus on yourself and your needs without feeling guilty. 

So let’s dive straight into some tips on how to prioritize and focus on yourself without feeling selfish:

Understand the Meaning of Focusing on Yourself

When we talk about focusing on yourself, many people perceive it as putting aside everyone else and being selfish. That’s not what it means. When you’re doing something good for yourself, it doesn’t mean that you have to ignore other people and think of them as unimportant. 

It simply means that you need to take out some time for yourself from all the hullabaloo and buzz. It would help if you indulged in some self-care. If you are feeling good about yourself, you will be able to do things for others in a better way.

Take Good Care of Your Body

To be efficient and more productive, you first have to make sure that your own body is healthy. Take a nutritious diet, drink plenty of water, take out time to exercise, and sleep well. 

Additionally, you could even go for a routine checkup to see if all your vitals are fine. Disconnect from the world for an hour or two every day. Put your cellphone and other devices aside, and take a long hot bath or a nap. The world won’t crumble in your absence. 

Try New Things

Most of us are so busy doing our jobs and fulfilling our responsibilities, that eventually it becomes our only identity. Our only activity in the whole day is to do our job. What we don’t realize is that we are missing out on so many things. So, learning new things is one way of focusing on yourself without feeling guilty. 

Perhaps, you could get a new hobby like painting, and take art classes. Or you could learn a new language or skill that might help you grow. Don’t just sit there like a robot, living a monotonous life. Try new things to get out of the daily rut. Not only will it take your mind off work for some time, but you will also feel good about yourself. 

Take Out Time For Family

In the pursuit of our career, we usually allocate significantly less time for our family. We are so engrossed in making a career that we forget about the one’s for whom we’re doing all the hard work. This includes our parents, siblings, spouse, and kids. 

We should realize that nobody can replace our loved ones, and their presence in our life is vital. So, planning a night out with your family is one of the best ways to unwind and feel good.

Learn to Say No

Sometimes, we are faced with complex instances where we commit, although we don’t want to. The situation becomes awkward, but we cannot back off from it. Therefore, we end up biting more than we can chew. 

Just Say No

You should learn to say no and draw a line. Setting boundaries does not mean you’re selfish. It simply means that you’re avoiding unnecessary fatigue. Let the people know your limitations so that they don’t expect something out of the ordinary from you.

Don’t Chase Perfection

Often we’re so bent on being perfect that we collapse in the end. Working for endless hours, not sleeping well, and always being worried about not doing well enough, will eventually burn you out. We should realize that nothing is perfect. 

Running after perfection only consumes your energy and exhausts the body and soul. Learn to accept yourself for who you are, all the while trying to do your best. Know your potential and aim for doing better than before. If you try to be flawless or perfect, you will worry yourself to a frazzle.

Feel Good About Yourself

Perhaps the most crucial thing in life is to feel good about yourself, what you do, and everything related to you. This feeling of happiness fills you with positive energy that powers you up and makes you feel confident about yourself. This energy helps you face the world with an unwavering sense of determination. You feel optimistic about reaching your goals, and this hopefulness is what drives you. 

Stay in the Now

Most of us are always occupied with thoughts from the past and worries about the future. As a result, we lose focus on the present; we stop concentrating on the task at hand. We should understand the need to stay in the now because it is in our control. 

What we practice in the present, shapes our future. As for the past, it’s gone and cannot be changed. Instead of stressing over something that is not in our hands, we should focus on the present moment. 

My Thoughts, Your Thoughts

There’s a huge difference between being self-centered and self-connected. Once you indulge in self-love and start taking better care of yourself, you feel happy, balanced, and energetic, and most importantly, you feel alive. The world will go on with or without you, but you need to focus on yourself before everything else, so that your life becomes worth living. It’s also important to FEEL and stop running. Go here for more CONFIDENCE blogs

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