To Me And To Every Woman; Struggles Women Face
Patricia Love

We’ve all heard about male privilege, but we aren’t taught about female privilege. Take a look inside this blog and find out what women get away with that no other gender gets away with!

To My Mother, To My Daughter, To Me And To Every Woman; Struggles Women Face

As women, we have all experienced different struggles throughout our lives. Whether it was growing up and navigating through the complexities of womanhood or managing family, career, and social pressures in adulthood, there is no denying that life can be difficult to traverse as a female. From juggling competing expectations placed upon us by society or coping with financial hardships, it often feels like there is an insurmountable weight pushing down on our shoulders every day.

But even in these times of hardship and stress, I would like to remind my fellow sisters-in-arms out there: you are never alone! In this blog, We will explore the common yet often overlooked challenges we face as women—the ones that shape us into who we are today and influence how we live our lives each day.

Being A Woman

To every woman, something universal connects us all – our shared experiences as women. We have experienced the seemingly unending struggle of enduring patriarchy and sexism that permeate almost every society throughout time. It can be both empowering and exhausting to learn what it means to be a woman in this world: we compete successively against other women, ourselves, and also the never-diminishing limitations placed on women by society.

Time and time again, brave women have led the charge to firm up our rights and create an open dialogue toward true gender equality. To my mother, to my daughter, and to me – they are each special gifts of determination and strength that humankind has seen before; an inspiration for all that hope for change.

Finding Myself Amongst The Chaos

The journey of finding yourself is ongoing, an ever-evolving story with no finish line. The struggle is real and often daunting but no woman should feel alone in her search for understanding and identity; we are all in this together. Every single one of us knows the feeling of being overwhelmed by the chaos of life – the expectations from society, our families, our children, or even just ourselves.

It’s time to stop forcing the box into which we try to fit ourselves and throw off those restraints! Instead let’s celebrate each unique part of ourselves that makes us who we are – strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures. Together we must empower each other to demonstrate love, acceptance, and kindness toward ourselves so that we may find true freedom. To every woman out there searching for herself amidst the commotion: you’re enough; you belong here; you will get through it!

Feeling Like An Outsider In My Own Body

To every woman out there who’s ever felt like an outsider in her own body – we’ve all been there! Maybe you don’t fit into society’s narrow standards of beauty or feel appreciated for who you are. But remind yourself that it is more than ok to be unique and different, because it is these qualities that make us all amazing.

Taking up space in this world is often a struggle for women, but remember to be proud of the space you occupy and the person you were created to be. There is immense power in recovering your identity and finding true contentment with who you are from within. Don’t let anyone else dictate how beautiful, worthy, or loved they think you should be. Own your individual worth and keep on pushing forward!

How To Be “Pretty” And “Strong”

To my mother, my daughter, and me—we share a collective struggle of how to be both “pretty” and “strong.” We are constantly challenged by this dichotomous existence with the reminder that “beauty is power”—but do we really have to choose one over the other? Has this false idea, of what it actually means to be a woman, been inflicted upon us for so long that our choices have become limited and boxed in?

I believe it does not have to be this way. We can break through these expectations and redefine beauty on our own terms, forming a fresh paradigm of strength that does not deny our femininity but embraces all aspects of who we are. Our power lies both within and without, transcending any singular label or definition.

The Fear Of Rejection And Disapproval

Rejection and disapproval are obstacles that can feel like they weigh a ton, regardless of who you are or what phase of life you’re in. For women, in particular, this fear can create an additional layer of difficulty to address and move beyond. We owe it to ourselves—as well as our mothers and daughters—to seek out healthy coping strategies for addressing these feelings head-on. Even if that means talking to friends and family, therapy, journaling, or something else entirely, it is up to each individual woman; but ultimately confronting our fears so we can break free from them, is essential to unleashing our true potential. Reflecting on this resonates with me personally—and it can for every other woman too.

The Absence Of Positive Female Role Models

“As mothers, daughters, friends, colleagues, and role models to each other and our society, we are increasingly aware of the struggles that come with the lack of positive female role models. We must recognize that there is power in collective support and when we stand together, especially as women of various ages and from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, the impact can be quite remarkable.

Although we may trace our female lineage, back and recognize certain leaders who have made progress on this issue over time, it is essential to recognize and restore the value of having more positive female role models in order to help guide us through tough times. Let us not underestimate our ability to take action today—one small step at a time—in an effort to create a more equitable world for ourselves, future generations, and all women!”

Dealing With Our Own Insecurities, Hopes, And Dreams

Insecurities, hopes, and dreams are three of life’s greatest variables – ever-shifting chances to design our own stories. To every woman out there, don’t forget to be bold and creative in the passages you choose. Be honest with yourself about those niggling insecurities and tackle them head-on. Place your hopes and dreams high up on the horizon, always striving towards their reach.

Remember that you are your own map-maker – so write a story worth reading; one of courage, strength, and perseverance. Have faith in yourself, keep believing, and keep striding forward even when others tell you to turn around – no matter what, it will be worth it in the end.

So, to every woman out there…every mother, daughter, sister, and friend. Don’t be afraid to be your amazing self. You are powerful and strong and you can do anything you set your mind to. We may not have it completely figured out yet, but we’re on our way. And we’re going to make a difference in this world – for ourselves and for the generations of women who come after us.

Thank you for being part of this wonderful journey with me. Let’s continue making history!

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