Four Ways To Increase Your Income
Patricia Love

Four Ways to Increase Your Income

We all want to make more money, increase income. After all, we want things in life like our dream car or that purse that costs several thousand dollars!  The point is we want more money so we can enjoy our life. 

You may feel you are not where you want to be financially.  There are a few things you can do to bring on more cash!

Look for Other Job Opportunities

The first thing you can do to increase your income is to change jobs.  When another company wants to hire you, you can use that leverage to negotiate a higher salary.  This is advantageous because when your annual raises come up, they’ll be gaged off the higher amount which boosts your future income. 

Become an Entrepreneur

You have a great deal of experience, why not use it for your own benefit?  By freelancing or starting your own business, you don’t have any limits on what you can earn.  You can start by letting personal connections know you are freelancing as well as former colleagues.

There are a variety of sites that can help you find work such as Freelancer and Elance which post a variety of freelance jobs.  LinkedIn can be an excellent platform to put yourself out there and make a connection.

Teach Online

Another opportunity to use your experience to create an online course.  Sites like Udemy and Teachable let you create a course and sell it on a marketplace platform.  If you have expertise on specific topics, why not share that expertise and make extra money! 

Hire a Coach

Hiring a coach can not only help you make more money, but help you live a more fulfilling life.  I know, your saying, “But I have to pay for a coach, that’s spending money not getting money!”  You’re right! 

Getting a coach however is an investment.  You may have to invest money, but you’ll also get money back.  A coach can help get where you want to be, step by step and that includes increasing your income.

There are different ways that you can add more money to your life.   By taking the initiative and looking for opportunities, you can increase your income.  Hiring a coach can not only help you achieve your financial goals, they can also help you get there faster, but help you fulfill your destiny . 

Patricia, The RahRah Coach

Sometimes you just have questions, I would like to offer you a FREE 30 minute 1 on 1 coaching session with me personally, so we can talk about your coaching needs.

YES, I want to schedule an appointment with Patricia!

Patricia Love, the “RahRah” Coach, is a motivational and accountability coach. She flips women’s inner script from “I can’t” Into “I can” so they can break through those blocks that have sabotaged their pocketbook, and the life they deserve. Words do matter, and what you say to yourself, will deflate or elevate your life. Patricia “flips your inner script” into external abundance and Joy.

She has coached Top Realtors, CEO’s and Entrepreneurs over the last 27 years doubling and tripling their incomes, while adding more balance and fun into their lives.

If motivation is not what you need, Patricia’s “My Coaching Squad” can fill your needs, she only works with the best of the best. so be sure and check “My Coaching Squad” out.

She takes “Words Matter” seriously with the extension of her coaching through her healing hoodie’s movement…Putting inspiring words on the front and back of her hoodies that will motivate all. 10% of all her income goes towards helping our lost and homeless youth, to get inspired and motivated, despite their circumstances. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.  


As an active Realtor®, and in sales for 45 years in Washington State, Patricia coaches women in sales to “Refuel” by turning their “I Can’t” into “I Can.” She interrupts the negative behaviors that have sabotaged them and helps them create a new path towards positive results. Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.”

Patricia’s own story of trauma, death, and a slew of bad decisions as a young adult, forced her to flip her own inner script, or face alternative consequences. By interrupting and healing the negative behaviors that sabotaged her, she was able to find the courage, and new found energy to move forward in all areas of her life. She did this with the action of five words.

These inspiring words created her Exclusive Diamond Method”, as Patricia believes we are all a diamond in the rough, just waiting to shine! So, begin the healing, and shine bright like a diamond.

Contact Patricia to start the new life so you too, will shine!

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