The Flip Side Of Self-Limiting Beliefs And Habits
Patricia Love

Are you ready to move beyond limited thinking? Are you open to shifting and transforming your life, body, mind, and spirit through the building of your own business? The universe is calling you to do even more!

Women’s Real Estate: The Flip Side Of Self-Limiting Beliefs And Habits

As a woman Realtor® and a businesswoman, I know just how challenging it can be to stay motivated and press through the endless list of demands. You have your business goals set for the week but at times it’s difficult to break out of old patterns. Self-limiting beliefs can give you a feeling of overwhelm with too many commitments.

The truth is that we all struggle. Like most things in life, if you don’t push yourself forward even when you don’t feel like it, or when you come up against obstacles – nothing changes and progress never happens.

So today let’s flip the script on these often unhelpful habits by looking beyond our obstacles into what possibilities could be accomplished in women’s real estate!

Unconscious Biases

Women Realtors® understand that to succeed, they must push their mindful boundaries. They know a lot is riding on them and they need to take ownership of the challenge.

However, the obstacle of unconscious biases can stand in the way, leaving many potential real estate opportunities inaccessible. Women should put self-limiting habits like obliviousness aside, carry out diligent research and take courageous steps when navigating male-dominated markets.

By investing in her own growth and taking intelligent action, a woman Realtor® can inject new life into her career and tap into untapped waters for progress and unabated success.

Lack Of Confidence

The real estate business is all about confidence, so it can be difficult for women Realtors® who lack self-confidence, to break into the industry. However, breaking stereotypes and shattering ceilings requires boldness and openness to risks — and that’s a trait all successful Realtors® share.

A confident woman makes a statement that will open up new pathways and possibilities, allowing her to excel in the often cutthroat real estate business. Women Realtors® don’t need to let a lack of confidence get in the way — confidence gets the job done!

Unrealistic Expectations

Women Realtors® have the potential to succeed if they recognize and work to correct what holds them back. Unrealistic expectations, though common, can be a limiting habit that will keep a woman from embracing her ambition and becoming the Realtor® she is meant to be.

Women should take it upon themselves to identify these habits and challenge their thought processes. By staying humble yet empowered, women can realize their true potential and make great strides in their businesses.

Women Realtors® simply need to step back, not let unrealistic expectations define them, and become the masterminds of their own success!

Taking On Too Much

Every day, women Realtors® face the temptation to take on too much. More clients than they have time for, more complicated sales than they are comfortable with, or even more obligations than they have the energy to handle.

While the excitement of a challenge and seeing success can be fulfilling. Taking on too much can be detrimental if it interrupts their workflow and ability to focus on the deals that matter most.

That’s why it’s essential for women Realtors® to avoid this self-limiting habit and break through their self-set limits in order to see greater achievements in their careers.

After all, it takes courage and strength to expand one’s thinking beyond what has been done in the past. True growth only comes from venturing into untrodden paths. So don’t let taking on too much get you stuck where you are – embrace the challenge set for yourself and work towards achieving greater triumphs!


Women Realtors® are the real deal! We have the knowledge, ambition, and charisma to get the job done. That being said, perfectionism can be a sneaky way of limiting our potential. Instead of allowing ourselves to take hold of new and innovative approaches, we may feel held back by society’s ideal standards.

But that isn’t necessarily the right way to go; rather than succumbing to our thoughts of how “perfect” we should be, let’s take pride in our own unique talents and attributes. Ultimately, they will serve us best in this competitive field. Women Realtors®: there is no bondage in perfectionism – only possibilities!

Avoiding Conflict

If you are a woman Realtor®, it’s time to move away from the old notion of avoiding conflict at all costs and start leveraging it for growth. Conflict is not a bad thing – instead, think of it as a useful tool for asserting yourself as a leader.

Learn how to recognize an opportunity when there is potential for constructive dialogue, rather than be afraid of situations that may bring tension.

By engaging in difficult conversations and reinforcing assertive negotiation tactics, women Realtors® can equip themselves with the skill set they need to become powerful, effective business leaders who bring great value to their clients and colleagues.

Don’t let the fear of conflict hold you back – take control, put your best foot forward, and unlock your potential!

Giving Up Control

Women Realtors® are often held back by a habit known as “Giving up control”. This habit can greatly hinder their potential as real estate professionals. They will do this out of fear, believing they will be better equipped to handle challenges if they give up control.

However, this critical mistake could cost them potential financial and career opportunities. Women realtors must take charge and remain in control– because the success of their business is ultimately dependent upon it!

In order to maximize their professional potential, women Realtors® should strive to harness their skills and maintain authority over any situation. Never give up on powerful opportunities by letting self-limiting habits rule the day!

Not Owning Our Decisions

As a female Realtor®, it’s important to acknowledge and own our decisions. When we fail to do that, we are unknowingly limiting our potential. We might not realize it at the time, but instead of accepting and owning the outcome of our decisions – whether they be good or bad – our lack of ownership creates an invisible barrier between us and maximum achievement.

Women should pledge to recognize and own their decisions throughout their business endeavors because without ownership comes stagnancy. Without forward movement and action taken on your decisions, you are not likely to move forward in your career as a Realtor®. Let’s strive for greatness by never selling ourselves short by not owning our decisions!


 Women Realtors® have become an indispensable part of the real estate landscape and they are capable of achieving a great deal in their fields. However, sometimes it can be easy to fall into the trap of overcompensating – where they put too much pressure on themselves to do more than they must in order to prove their worth.

While such a habit can be perfectly normal and understandable, it is important to remember that there is a delicate balance between trying hard enough for success and not pushing yourself too far.

It’s time for female Realtors® to stop buying into this limiting thought pattern. Recognize the importance of self-care and don’t let overcompensating keep you from reaching your full potential.

In order to achieve your personal and professional goals as a woman in real estate, you need to understand and accept that self-limiting beliefs and habits are common.

However, if you want to become successful, you have to recognize these tendencies within yourself and work on overcoming them. Keep in mind that it’s okay to ask for help when necessary. There’s no shame in admitting that you need assistance in order to reach your full potential.

Have strong faith in yourself and your abilities, and don’t let anyone or anything ever hold you back from achieving your dreams.

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